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The Influence of Multiple Artifacts on the Effectiveness of Software Testing

Date of Publication: 
September 2010
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The effectiveness of the software testing process is determined by artifacts used in testing, including the program, the set of tests, and the test oracle. However, in evaluating software testing techniques, including automated software testing techniques, the influence of these testing artifacts is often overlooked. In my upcoming dissertation, we intend to explore the interrelationship between these three testing artifacts, with the goal of establishing a solid scientific foundation for understanding how they interact. We plan to provide two contributions towards this goal. First, we propose a theoretical framework for discussing testing based on previous work in the theory of testing. Second, we intend to perform a rigorous empirical study controlling for program structure, test coverage criteria, and oracle selection in the domain of safety critical avionics software.
25th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering (ASE 2010)
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