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Integrating Statechart Components in Polyglot

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April 2012
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Statecharts is a model-based formalism for simulating and analyzing reactive systems. In our previous work, we developed Polyglot, a unified framework for analyzing different semantic variants of Statechart models. However, for systems containing communicating, asynchronous components deployed on a distributed platform, additional features not inherent to the basic Statecharts paradigm are needed. These include a connector mechanism for communication, a scheduling framework for sequencing the execution of individual components, and a method for specifying verification properties spanning multiple components. This paper describes the addition of these features to Polyglot, along with an example NASA case study using these new features. Furthermore, the paper describes on-going work on modeling Plexil execution plans with Polyglot, which enables the study of interaction issues for future manned and unmanned missions.
Proceedings of the Fourth NASA Formal Methods Symposium, Norfolk, VA, April 3-5, 2012
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