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Publication Title Authors Date of Publicationsort descending Venue Associated Research Groups Publication Files
Combination Model Checking: Approach and a Case Study. Yunja Choi
Mats Heimdahl
September 2004 Proceedings of the 19th IEEE International Conference on Automated Software Engineering--Short paper session. Linz, Austria, September, 2004. Critical Systems Research Group
Deviation Analysis: A New Use for Model Checking Mats Heimdahl
Yunja Choi
Dr. Michael Whalen, Ph.D.
March 2005 Journal of Automated Software Engineering, volume 12, issue 3 Critical Systems Research Group
Model-Based Safety Analysis of Simulink Models Using SCADE Design Verifier Anjali Joshi
Mats Heimdahl
September 2005 In Proc. of 24th International Conference, SAFECOMP Critical Systems Research Group PDF icon CameraReady-safecomp-05.pdf
A Proposal for Model-Based Safety Analysis Anjali Joshi
Steven Miller
Dr. Michael Whalen, Ph.D.
Mats Heimdahl
October 2005 Proceedings of 24th Digital Avionics Systems Conference (DASC) (Awarded Best Paper of Track) Critical Systems Research Group Microsoft Office document icon 215joshi.doc
Certificate Management: A Practitioner’s Perspective Dr. Michael Whalen, Ph.D. November 2005 Appeared at the 2005 Workshop on Software Certificate Management (SoftCeMent05) Critical Systems Research Group PDF icon Position paper for SoftCeMent.pdf
Using Verified Data-flow Analysis-based Optimizations in Attribute Grammars Eric Van Wyk
Lijesh Krishnan
April 2006 In Proc. of Compiler Optimization meets Compiler Verification Workshop. Minnesota Extensible Language Tools PDF icon cocv06.pdf
Coverage Metrics for Requirements-Based Testing Dr. Michael Whalen, Ph.D.
Ajitha Rajan
Mats Heimdahl
July 2006 Proceedings of the 2006 International Symposium on Software Testing and Analysis Critical Systems Research Group PDF icon res28-whalen.pdf
Proving the shalls: Early validation of requirements through formal methods Steven Miller
Alan Tribble
Dr. Michael Whalen, Ph.D.
Mats Heimdahl
August 2006 Software Tools for Technology Transfer, volume 8, number 4. Critical Systems Research Group PDF icon
Adding Syntax and Static Analysis to Libraries via Extensible Compilers and Language Extensions Eric Van Wyk
Derek Bodin
Paul Huntington
October 2006 LCSD 2006 - Library Centric Software Development Workshop Minnesota Extensible Language Tools PDF icon vanwyk_lcsd.pdf
Interaction Testing in Model-Based Development: Effect on Model-Coverage Renee Bryce
Ajitha Rajan
Mats Heimdahl
December 2006 The XIII Asia Pacific Software Engineering Conference (APSEC '06) Critical Systems Research Group PDF icon interaction-coverage-APSEC-06.pdf