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Using Models to Address Challenges in Specifying Requirements for Medical Cyber-Physical Systems

Date of Publication: 
April 2013
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Gathering and analyzing Cyber-Physical System (CPS) requirements pose some challenges to the requirements engineering community warranting a fresh perspective on requirement engineering methods; a perspective that is sensitive to the interplay between the cyber and physical aspects of the system. In this paper we share our experiences and lessons learned in the process of formulating requirements for a generic version of an infusion pump, a commonly used piece of medical equipment. Specifically, determining the precise scope of the system and finding its significant attributes in the continuous physical domain in which it operates were surprisingly difficult. To address these challenges, we pursued a model-based approach, which we believe is broadly applicable to CPS requirements elicitation and specification.

Full Paper: here

Medical Cyber Physical Systems Workshop, International Conference on Cyber-Physical Systems, Philadelphia, 2013.