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Publication Titlesort descending Authors Date of Publication Venue Associated Research Groups Publication Files
Interaction Testing in Model-Based Development: Effect on Model-Coverage Renee Bryce
Ajitha Rajan
Mats Heimdahl
December 2006 The XIII Asia Pacific Software Engineering Conference (APSEC '06) Critical Systems Research Group PDF icon interaction-coverage-APSEC-06.pdf
Introduction to the Guardol Language and Verification System David Hardin
Konrad Slind
Dr. Michael Whalen, Ph.D.
Hung T. Pham
December 2011 The Fifth Annual Layered Assurance Workshop (LAW 2011) Critical Systems Research Group PDF icon law2011-paper-hardin.pdf
Is an MVE the Right Environment for Your Visualization Application? Kent Lee
Jun Ni
Tom Halverson
Eric Van Wyk
Judy Brown
May 1995 Computer Graphics, vol 29, num 2, May 1995. Minnesota Extensible Language Tools
Language and Library Support for Climate Data Applications Eric Van Wyk
Vipin Kumar
Michael Steinbach
Shyam Boriah
Alok Choudhary
October 2009 In Proceedings of Workshop on Software Research and Climate Change Minnesota Extensible Language Tools PDF icon wsrcc_van_wyk.pdf
Machine-Checked Proofs For Realizability Checking Algorithms Andreas Katis
Andrew Gacek
Dr. Michael Whalen, Ph.D.
July 2015 7th Working Conference on Verified Software: Theories, Tools, and Experiments Critical Systems Research Group PDF icon document.pdf
Measuring the Heterogeneity of Crosscompany Datasets Jia Chen
Ye Yang
Wen Zhang
Gregory Gay
June 2010 PROFES 2010 Critical Systems Research Group PDF icon 10profes.pdf
Meta Languages in Algebraic Compilers Eric Van Wyk May 2000 In Proc. of Algebraic Methodology and Software Technology, AMAST 2000. Springer Verlag Lecture Notes in Computer Scinece vol. 1816 Minnesota Extensible Language Tools PDF icon iowacity.pdf
Mode Confusion Analysis of a Flight Guidance System Using Formal Methods Anjali Joshi
Steven Miller
Mats Heimdahl
October 2003 22nd IEEE Digital Avionics Systems Conference (DASC'2003)} (Awarded Best Paper of Session), Indianapolis, October 2003. Critical Systems Research Group PDF icon modeConfusion.pdf
Model Checking as a Tool Used by Parallelizing Compilers Teodor Rus
Eric Van Wyk
April 1997 In Proc. of the 2nd Formal Methods for Parallel Processing: Theory and Applications workshop held at the 11th International Parallel Processing Symposium in Geneva Switzerland, April 1-5, 1997. Minnesota Extensible Language Tools PDF icon geneva_final.pdf
Model Checking Information Flow Dr. Michael Whalen, Ph.D.
David Greve
Lucas Wagner
March 2010 Book Chapter in "Design and Verification of Microprocessor Systems for High-Assurance Applications" D. Hardin, ed. Springer Verlag, March, 2010. Critical Systems Research Group PDF icon Model Checking Information Flow.pdf