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UMSEC Research

Research Mission

To satisfy UMSEC's mission to advance the science and practice of software engineering, we are committed to nurturing innovative applied and basic research in software engineering and related areas. Our aim is to address long and short-term problems of practical relevance and rigorously evaluate our solutions on realistic problems. Such a research model requires a tight connection with software practitioners—a connection we hope to achieve through UMSEC's commitment to industry collaboration through research, education, and outreach.

UMSEC Research Foci

UMSEC's research foci include Requirements Engineering, Model-Based Development, Formal Modeling, Analysis and Testing, Software Safety, Software Engineering Education, Object Oriented Technologies, Aspect Oriented Programming, Extensible Programming Languages, Domain Specific Languages, Programming Languages, Computational Logic, Security, Databases, Human-Computer Interaction, Computer Supported Collaborative Work, and E-commerce.

Research Faculty

The University of Minnesota is the region's premier research university and the only regional university granting a PhD in Computer Science. UMSEC's faculty consists of researchers with national and international reputations and is drawn primarily from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CS&E) at the University of Minnesota.

In addition to the UMSEC faculty, UMSEC collaborators can draw on the broad expertise of the full CS&E faculty—a faculty that covers most disciplines of computer science and engineering, including software engineering, computer graphics, robotics, artificial intelligence, programming languages, databases, human-computer interfaces, internet technologies, bio-informatics, machine learning, computer networks, high performance computing, computer architecture, parallel and distributed systems, theory and algorithms, system software, and several other areas.